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Sandras Förändringslab

Therapist and Change Manager
My Approach

My approach is to guide you to a better balance in your daily life and help you feel better, happier and more satisfied.

I promise to see and respect you for the one you really are behind the mask, those who we often show for people in our daily life. 

I will do anything to actively listen to you and guide you and support you so that you may take small steps towards change and development. 

About me

Hi, I'm Sandra

I'm offering you therapy and counselling. I'm offering support to young adults and parents.

I have been interested in self-development and change during my entire adult life.


I have an experience of working to hard and trying to be perfect all the time. One day my body said STOP and I got ill, burned-out. From that day I started realize that I had to change my life totally. 

One of the big changes was to realize that I should work with something else. I started my jouney to be a therapist and I know from my own experience that you may change your life and you will be able to find happiness and hope again.

I have special competence with young adults (18-25 years old). It is one of the most challenging times in our lifes. You are going from child to adult and there is many things you shall fix, job, finding a partner, somewhere to live and I finding a meningful life. 



Therapy or counselling to support change grounded on conversation as the main tool


Support offered to you as a parent to improve the relationship with your child. The philosophy is grounded in the Danish family therapist Jesper Juuls relational view on familys


Support offered to companys and organisations in change management. The theory behind is mainly based on John. P. Kotter

Therapy Sessions
So the day came when your dreams could no longer wait.

Sofia Siversdotter

Swedish Author & poet

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